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  • GGayatri Ayurveda adheres to the authentic Ayurveda! Our glorious legacy can be etched back to the year 1992. Ggayatri Ayurveda is a unique amalgamation of ancient wisdom and modern amenities. Countless benefits and healing properties are deep-rooted in the traditional Ayurveda. India is an abode of Ayurveda, and our company firmly believes in keeping the faith alive by providing pure, gentle and yet highly effective products for our most precious clients. That’s you!


  • All our ingredients are 100% natural and of superior grade. The natural herbs have been prudently chosen and hygienically processed in precise composition using the modern techniques in compliance with the set Medical Industry Standards.

  • GGayatri Ayurveda has been successful in achieving cult status in the world of Ayurveda by providing products in the purest, fresh and natural form with zero side effects, no artificial colors or fragrances, and no harmful synthetic additives. Also, our modern approach and sophisticated machinery have enabled us to provide high efficacy Ayurvedic products that possess a long shelf life. Our well- established infrastructural unit is divided into various sections like processing, procurement, warehousing, quality testing, R & D and sales & marketing. Also, we provide various packaging options for our products to cater to client requirements. And, we don’t stop here!


  • Our team consisting of the traditional experts and contemporary researchers has done extensive research and meticulously developed a range of Ayurvedic oils, Ayurvedic medicines for Arthritis, digestive capsules, Antacids, Aphrodisiac Capsules, and Tooth Powder. Hygiene and Quality are our prime concerns.

  • Our team of highly qualified professionals is incessantly engaged in reinventing ourselves to tackle the modern-day ailments and their challenges. We are our own competition and have sworn to serve our clients without a hiatus.

  • So, with all humility, we welcome you warmly to the realms of Ayurveda, where you will find nothing but purity, authenticity, and kindness to keep you in the best of health and heal you holistically.